european psychiatric association

Making the EPA a reference for psychiatrists and psychiatry in Europe

28 January 2020 – Dear EPA Members, colleagues and friends,

The year just concluded was full of major achievements and events that confirm the EPA’s remarkable growth performance. Among the most remarkable accomplishments are the record attendance at the European Congress of Psychiatry, in Warsaw (Poland), with over 4,300 participants; the substantial increase in the number of individual memberships, with 279 new EPA members; the development of strategic partnerships among key actors of Mental Health care: EUFAMI and GAMIAN Europe, European Academy of Neurology (EAN), European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) and the MEP Alliance for Mental Health (European Parliament Interest Group on Mental Health, Wellbeing and Brain Disorders); the move of European Psychiatry to Open Access through a new partnership with Cambridge University Press.

With deep gratitude for their active commitment and impressive amount of work, I would like to thank the EPA Board, Committees, NPAs, Sections and Members, staff and the whole EPA community. These are your achievements!

The year which opens is full of new challenges. So let us keep the momentum going and share this vision of making the EPA the single voice and reference for psychiatrists and psychiatry in Europe! To accomplish this vision, I am counting on the contribution of each and every one.

Hope to see you all in Madrid for the EPA 2020 Congress (28 – 31 March), inspired by the motto “The shared heritage of European psychiatry”, which is already promising to be another inspiring success!


Philip Gorwood

EPA President