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EPA Scientific Sections


The mission of the 21 active EPA Scientific Sections is to explore and solve problems in various specific areas of psychiatry, to collect and disseminate information, to establish working relationships between individuals and with different national and international bodies working in the same field, and to achieve greater coordination. The EPA’s Sections organise their own symposia under the patronage of the EPA, as well as annual conferences throughout Europe.

Although the EPA Office provides administrative support, EPA Sections function independently within the established framework with regard to member recruitment and management, leadership elections, meetings, and internal and external communication.

A new Task Force on Sections was created on 2019 to support the activities implemented by the Sections. For further information click here.

For any questions about the EPA Sections, please contact the EPA Administrative Office.

Secretary for Sections


Martina Rojnic   Secretary for Sections

  • Associate professor at Zagreb School of medicine, University of Zagreb and Zagreb University Hospital Centre, Department of psychiatry.
  • Board member of the European Psychiatric Association.
  • Secretary for EPA Scientific Sections.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the European Psychiatry Journal.
  • Secretary General of the Croatian Psychiatric Association.
  • Author of more than 80 expert and scientific papers.
  • Associate editor in several scientific journals.

EPA Scientific Sections